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Candy Leg Clowns

Clown Feet

“Have a leg up” with these absolutely adorable, fun and sweet clowns.

They're cute as a mishloach manos idea or a sign to display .

In addition to the Simchas Purim Clowns in the photo,you'll notice some GET WELL QUICK clowns as well. After Purim your children can repackage their loads and loads of candy and send it to the less fortunate.

Candy Leg Clowns

Candy Clowns

Purim crafts

It's always an honor creating content for

In honor of Purim, I designed this cute little project that can be used to decorate your Purim table or "just for some clowning around fun"!!

This idea is an adorable activity for children of all ages.

Candy Clowns


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