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Basket Flower Centerpiece

My Favorite Amazon Vases

I love flowers so naturally I love Shvuos decor!

It’s one of those special times that we allow ourselves to splurge on extra flowers that we do not usually treat ourselves to. Adding extra touches on top of that, like a pretty and interesting vases gives the Yom Tov table a unique touch.

I have combed through lots of vases available on Amazon. Here are some of my favorites.

rectangle glass vase 3 crystal glass test tube vase 8 crystal glass test tube vase Clear Glass Planter Bulb Vases
Desktop Glass Planter Bulb Vase Acrylic Flower Box Fine Ceramic Vase 3 Silver Color Metal Bud Floral Vases
magnetic flower vase magnetic aluminum vase dot cylinder bud vase geometric table vase
terrarium/vase on wooden stand Velener Mini Plastic Fake Green Grass of Plants hinged bud vase

hinged flower vases with antiqued rusted finish

My Favorite Amazon Vases


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