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Triple Mousse Plate

triple mousse plate

Although you need three flavors of mousses and three types of bark for this petite presentation, don’t let it scare you, as very little mousse goes into each dish. With lots of yom tov meals coming up, you'll find these minis convenient and easy to store in your freezer. The rectangle plate is available  in a smaller size as well, which fits two bowls instead of three.

Triple Mousse Plate

Personal Salad Bar

personal salad bar

To be honest, my kitchen is closer to my sukkah  than to my dining room, so I do not have to think twice about using China on Sukkos, but my children love  hearing how their grandparents managed in an apartment building during Sukkos! They would pass all the dishes and food up and down with a pulley system to the alley of the building below.

Whether you live high up in an apartment building or you're  hosting  lots of guests over yom tov,  we thought it would be a great time to feature interesting ways to make use of the plethora of plasticware available.

Mix and match your favorite toppings to create this personal salad bar.

Personal Salad Bar


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