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Cowboy Theme Mishloach Manot

Cowboy Crazy

“Howdy” you make an easy mishloach manos that appeals to the guys?

My cousin Avigail created these cute cowboy packages with treats that the menfolk will definitely enjoy. Yee-haw!

Cowboy Theme Mishloach Manot

We've got Soup!


What a "soup"er mishloach manos idea, spreading a feeling of warmth to your family and friends. Give just one type of soup, tied to some breadsticks for a second food item; two types; or as many as you like! 

We've got Soup!

Purim Products Roundup - Table Decor

 Tricycle Wine and Glass Holder Decorative Pick Mini Masks
Pop Holder Haman on Horse Wine Holder Eiffel Vase
Cupcake Stand Cork with LED Lights Candelabra Wind Topper

So now that you have your Mishloach Manos and Costumes all taken care of (gulp) we can turn our attention towards the seudah.

Purim gives us a unique opportunity to unleash our creativity with a bit of a funky twist.  Most of our holiday meals are formal kind of affairs.  Purim is just begging for us to have fun and introduce that element of surprise into our table setup.

Purim Products Roundup - Table Decor

Purim Products Roundup - Mishloach Manos Tags

 Black and White Tags Chalkboard Tags with Red Flower Key Bottle Opener with Kraft Tag
Chalkboard Tags Log Slices Tag Kraft Feather
Rainbow Tags Teddy Bear Tags Compass Tags


This week I'm focusing on Mishloach Manos "tags".  You can keep your packaging simple and neat, just adding a wow tag takes it up ten notches.

If it somehow co-ordinates with your costumes then it's your lucky day!

Purim Products Roundup - Mishloach Manos Tags

Purim Products Roundup - Unusual Edibles

 Chocolove Almond and Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Cirque Gift Co Nut Boxes Ceremonie Tea
Barnetts Biscotti Barnett's Choc Dipped Oreos Kayx Chocolate Bark
Neuw Delights Peanut Chews The Nuttery Honey Glazed Nut Trio Tuscanini Parchment Crackers


If you're looking for a special something to gift to an important person in your life, here are some personal favorites.  I have given/received and tasted all of the above items, and have been impressed with the presentation and quality of the foods.

Purim Products Roundup - Unusual Edibles

Purim Products Roundup - Cute Kids' Packaging Ideas

 Beach Ball Bags Denim Mailer Emoji Drawstring Bag Gold Foil Heart Bags
Emoji Paper Bags Lego Party Bags Pineapple Mailer Rabbit Ear Bags
Stripe Bag Travel Favor Box Under the Sea Bag

I've organized my favorite kids Mishloach Manos packaging ideas for you to browse at your convenience.  There is something here for even the fussiest mini mishloach manos giver.
Purim Products Roundup - Cute Kids' Packaging Ideas

Purim Products Roundup - Packaging Ideas

White Gift Box Magnetic Gift Box Translucent Bags with Stickers Mini Pizza Box
Candy Box Bakery Box with Window Clear Cupcake Box Zip Lock Mason Jar Bags
Kraft Gift Box Jumbo Cookie Box Purim Theme Box Macaroon Box

Welcome to my First Installment of Purim Products Roundup.

Over the years we've had a lot of fun together creating all kinds of Mishloach Manos. We've had the elaborate years, when Purim was a focus and we spent time and money and effort making sure everything was just perfect.

Then we had those other kind of years, when so much was going on that all of a sudden it was Purim and we had to come up with something presentable - and fast!

Over the next few weeks leading up to Purim, I'm going to give you some quick links to Purim ideas. Some concepts I've shared with you in the past, and some are new ones that might be just what you are looking for - to add some pizzazz to your Mishloach Manos or Purim Tablescape.

Purim Products Roundup - Packaging Ideas


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