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Mini-Bouquet Seating Cards

Mini Bouquet Seating Cards

These adorable and super-easy to make, mini-bouquets are the perfect seating cards for your Shavuos table.

Color-coordinate them to match your décor. You can make a matching bunch for each setting or you can do an assortment of different color bunches, as shown.

Mini-Bouquet Seating Cards

Bright, Light and Summery

Shavous Table

I love flowers, so I always look forward to creating the Shvuos tablescape.

When I visited Tali's new Global Flower Shop in Lakewood, I was taken by it's spacious, bright, and  airy garden-like decor. I knew then that I wanted to share that experience with you by setting up this table in the shop  in honor of Shvuos

Bright, Light and Summery


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