Crafting and Décor is my passion, and I’m honored to be able to share crafting tips and ideas with my friends and followers.  Blogging has changed the way I interact with you.  Gone are the days when I used to get hundreds of pre Purim or pre Birthday Party phone calls asking for inspiration.  Now my pictures and accompanying texts can be accessed with the click of a mouse.

Convenient for you, and so rewarding for me.  Sharing what I love to do is truly a joy.

So many of my crafting ideas or setup inspirations utilize products that are easily purchased from my favorite store in the whole word…AMAZON.

Amazon has changed my life, as I’m sure it’s changed many of yours.  The ease and convenience of ordering items from the comfort of my home can’t be measured.  I’m constantly sending people links to the supplies I purchase from Amazon.  Amazon’s greatness is also it’s downfall – there’s just SO MUCH STUFF.  It’s hard to sift through everything to find the quality product that we need to make a truly great project come to life.  That’s why people constantly reach out to me to get the link to my recommended supplies on Amazon.

When I found out about Amazon’s affiliate program it was a light-bulb moment.  Here I can make your life easier by sending you links directly to the products I use and recommend, and I can also earn a small commission from referring you!  That’s truly award winning!

Rest assured that the links to Amazon that I post on my site are items that I have (or would) purchase myself.  I don’t link to random products for no reason.  This is to help you be your maximum creative self without wasting time searching through myriads of Amazon products.

Happy Crafting



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