"Thanks for the heads up about your new recipe idea. We’re glad we were able to stock up on cookie stencils so when your column was published all our customers had the equipment they needed."

The Peppermill, Borough Park www.thepeppermillinc.com  


"When Esther’s gumball necklace craft was published, peoplewere searching for a bulk source for the candy. Esther sent several customers to my store, and we sold pounds and pounds of gumballs!"

Ari, Oh Nuts, BoroughPark www.ohnuts.com


"Esther Ottensosser has been shopping at our fabric and trimming store for a while. Over the years, I have come to rely on her good taste for updates on trends and styles in fabric and crafts. When she comes up with a new idea, she lets me know beforehand, so I can make sure to have the material in stock. Last year she designed wine bottles with a rhinestone trim, and she asked me to bring in a shipment of the material. I’m glad I did- we ended up selling lots of it, and we received calls from all over asking for the trimming! "

Beth, Stitch N Sew, Lakewood, NJ



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