Rainbow Charcuterie Board

Rainbow Charcuterie Board

There's a pot of gold at the bottom of this rainbow! 

We have all heard of the benefits of "eating the rainbow" when it comes to the nutrients available in the different colored vegetables.

Here's a simple and eye catching way to have your family benefit from the myriad of good-for-you veggies. 

Bursting with color, this refreshing  presentation is a feast for the eyes and the palette too!

Even your biggest veggie skeptics won’t be able to resist! 

 You will need:

  • Large wooden board
  • Assorted vegetables
  • Dips in ramekins (I used horseradish mixed with mayonaise, dill dip, chummus and roasted pepper dip) 



Place bowls of dips on the board and arrange vegetables around each bowl, color coordinating the vegetables and the dips.


Photography by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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