Nescafe "Neis Kaf-hei" Coffee Bar

 Chanukah Bar

Every year we start celebrating Chanukah the evening of Kaf-hei Kislev. We celebrate to remember the great miracle that took place long ago in the time of the Bais Hamikdash.

How cute is a Nescafe Bar to remember the neis on Kaf-hei !?!

Nes Cafe


We love the way the Stamp Studio pulled it all together with such a great logo. They can always be counted on for that perfect design. 

The Nuttery supplied us with  the beautiful urns filled with coffee and all the flavorings. Of course, you can use water in your own urn with coffee singles  as well.

What's a good coffee without a good pastry to go along with it?

It wasn’t easy deciding which ones to pick, but we “settled” on these, also from The Nuttery


Nes Cafe



Chocolate spoons and hot chocolate on a stick are also fun things to add to a coffee station. You will need hot milk for the hot chocolate on a stick.



Coffee Station

A frother is also a fun addition to a coffee bar.

These boards are similar to the ones I used here. 

This setup was on a six foot folding table .

I used these risers to give the table height.

Tablecloth is from Stitch n Sew, Lakewood N.J.


 Photos by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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