Embroidery Hoop Sukkot Decor-3 Ways

Lately I’ve been seeing embroidery hoops galore, popping up just about everywhere as colorful and inspired decor. From mobiles to wreaths to colorful ceiling decor, the ideas are seemingly countless and most of them are inexpensive and  easy to make. With Sukkot just around the corner, though we’re limited in time, we all want to add something special to decorate our Sukkah. With embroidery hoops, you can easily transform something so basic and simple into works of art that are sure to  adorn your Sukkah.

Here are three  fabulous ideas, all using embroidery hoops.


Hoop Collage

mishpacha embroidery hoopsIn this display, the collage of hoops are hung from the ceiling. You can also hang them against a wall for a different effect. For me the hardest part of this project was picking out the fabric. There are just so many different types of fabrics to choose from- lace, cut velvets, brocades, florals, stripes, paisleys,…..Using different size hoops and different coordinating fabric prints will add interest and dimension to your décor.

You will need:

To assemble:
  1.  Cut the fabric so that it is 2” larger than the hoop all around.
  2. Simply place the fabrics in the hoops, tighten and close.
  3. Cut off any extra fabric on the back.
  4. If your fabric is not 2 sided-double the fabric with wrong sides facing each other and then proceed to tighten, close and cut.
  5. Use Fishing wire thread to hang.


Ribbon Mobile

 ribbon mobile                      

Create this ribbon mobile by gluing ribbons and strands of beads around a single embroidery hoop. I love the open, airy look when the wind starts to blow.

You will need:

Use a glue gun to attach the ribbons and beading to the hoop. Hang from ceiling with Fishing wire thread or ribbons. ( To balance the mobile, attach in 3 evenly placed spots of the hoop.)


Bird Mobile

bird mobilesThese adorable bird mobiles (my favorite!) can be hung individually or as a group.

You will need:

To assemble, simply glue a bird on an embroidery hoop glue gun. ( I often find the birds with little clips on the bottom-this make assembling really easy-just simply clip on to the hoops.) Use Fishing wire thread to hang from the ceiling.

This article by EstherO originally appeared in Mishpacha Magazine.

Photography by Jolee Photography.

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