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Craft Creation:

Looking for a unique craft or a creative activity? We at CraftsbyEstherO can create a distinctive craft that will be sure to enhance your next occasion. Whether it’s a kid’s birthday party or an adult get together, CraftsbyEstherO can design the perfect thing for you.

We can customize crafts to fit your party theme. Our handmade crafts and activities are always uniquely made to order. We will provide you with all the concepts, instructions and materials. When the party’s planned and the table’s set, trust CraftsbyEstherO to provide you with a spectacular, one of a kind program that will be sure to wow all your participants!


Freelance writing:

CraftsbyEstherO can help you generate interest in your product or publication by creating an original idea that will be featured in articles and blog posts.  Consumers are always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas. Whether it’s an impressive craft, distinctive food garnishments or exquisite party décor, CraftsbyEstherO can create something special for you. Our original articles on entertaining, crafting, recipes and party planning have been extremely popular in print magazines and online media.


Branding and Product styling:

Here at CraftsbyEstherO we can help enhance your brand image with expert product placement. Using custom crafts and food decor, we can make lifestyle and entertaining products stand out. Foods and products featured our unique recipes and crafts are perfectly positioned to market to the Kosher community and beyond. We can create a themed tablescape, tailor made food presentation, recipe or gift basket that will integrate your product or service into the minds of consumers, and present the ideal image for your marketing success.





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