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My son can never get enough of his cozy teddy bears (which children can?). For his birthday party last year, we  created an "in house" Build-a-Bear Factory. It was fun, thrilling, and affordable. I purchased the teddy bears at The Dollar Tree, and (at a time the children weren't around)  opened the back seam, and unstuffed the bears. When the children arrived at the party, displayed on a table were the bear "skins", ribbons, bags of stuffing, and  foam shaped hearts. The children then chose their materials, and the building began! This activity is not just an idea for parties, it also makes a great winter activity for when the children are home - midwinter, snow days?????  So prepare ahead of time!

Instructions Preparation for Activity:

1.Using a seam ripper, carefully undo the stitching in the back of the bear.

2.Remove stuffing (it's a good idea to put the stuffing of each bear in a separate Ziploc bag).
3.Enlarge "birth certificate" template (designed by omg designs) and copy as needed.


1.Children stuff the bears - making sure the stuffing gets to the arms and legs.

2. Insert a foam shaped heart (optional).

3.Sew bear back up. (when working with a large group, it is a good idea to have an extra adult to help with the sewing or you can prepare  a small activity to do while they wait for their turn ex.coloring their birth certificate).

4.Using the ribbon, tie into a bow or necktie around the neck.

5.Have each child "name" their teddy bear and write the name on the "birth certificate".

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  • I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it exlemrety easy for me!


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