Edible School Supplies





Photography by Dan Engongoro

Book Supplies:

  • Osem choc/vanilla wafers
  • Tea biscuits
  • Baking chocolate
  • Black edible marker (optional)
  1. Melt chocolate in microwave or double boiler.
  2. Using your chocalate as "glue" ,sandwich the wafer between the 2 tea biscuits .
  3. Allow to dry.
  4. Dip the "spine" side into chocolate-it should be about 1/2"wide.
  5. Use your edible marker to write Chumash,Siddur,Math....
Apple Supplies:
  • Packaged chocolate chip,oatmeal...cookies
  • Icing
  • Red sugar crystals
  • Falafel bits super snack or Fiber One
  • Green sour belts
  1. Dip the flat side of the cookie into the icing and then into  the red sugar crystals.
  2. Use the icing to stick one falafel bit or Fiber One on the apple as the stem.
  3. Cut a leaf out and stick on with icing.
Pencil Supplies:
  • Yellow fruit leather
  • Thin long breadsticks or pretzels
  • Pink taffys
  • Mini chocolate chips
  1. Cut fruit leather in half -wrap around breadstick(depending on the size of your pretzels/breadsticks you may have to crack off a piece if it is too long).
  2. Shape the fruit leather to look like a sharpened pencil-add a chocolate chip for the point.
  3. Roll the pink taffy,and cut off a piece to the shape of an eraser-place on top of pencil (it should stick on its own).
  4. Cut a a 2"x1" piece of silver foil-take the 2 long ends and fold inwards -wrap around pencil and secure with small piece of tape.
Briefcase Supplies:
  •  Colored paper lunch bags-by Hygloss.www.hyglossproducts.com
  •  Colored  paper-I used colored copy paper
  •  Silver cardboard- by Hygloss
  1. Fill bag with lunch and snack.
  2. Fold  down the bag 1" from the top.
  3. Fold again-to create a 2" flap.
  4. Cut 2- 12"x1" strips from the colored paper -fold both ends in1/2" towards each other.Glue the tabs of both strips to the back of the lunch bag for the shoulder straps as shown.
  5. Cut 1--4"x1" strip from colored paper and glue onto flap on front of bag. Cut a horseshoe shape out of the silver cardboard to make the buckle. Glue buckle on top of strap.

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