Monogram and Photograph Glass Marble Party Favors


Photography by Dan Engongoro

Sprinkled around your party table, these glass marble party favors, with a monogram or picture will  add a special touch to any occasion.



Measure the back of your stone and reduce pics and monograms accordingly. Cut into circles. (circles should be slightly smaller than stones) Place a drop of glue on the back of the stone and smear so that the glue covers the entire area . Place picture ,monogram… face up onto glue and allow to dry.

Tip: You can add a magnet to the back of the marbles-apply with E6000 Graphics by

This Article by EstherO. originally appeared in Mishpacha Magazine.


  • They Look great! I love the Variety! A great add-on to any special occasion!

    Leah @ omgdesign
  • I was just at my cousin’s Sheva Brachos where they displayed these Glass Marble Party Favors with the chosson and kallah’s monogram inside. They placed them around the flower centerpiece on each table and they really looked great. And the best part is that the kids made them because they are so easy to put together!
    Personalized finishing touches are what makes a Sheva Brachos memorable. This is such an amazing, easy idea!
    Thank you!

    Chani H

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