Chanukah Scratch Off Game

Photography by Dan Engongoro

Scratch and Win:

Everyone can hit the jackpot with these lottery inspired scratch off games. Let scratch off paint “cover” a good part of your Hanukkah program. These instant winner cards, handed out to your guest as they arrive will start your party off with a buzz (Game A)

Or try playing Fun Family Facts game when your company settles down and makes themselves comfy. (Game B)


If you are looking to make your life simpler, you can simply purchase 1" Scratch Off Labels Stickers.

How to make the scratch off game:

1 - To make 36 circles, combine two Tbsp. of metallic acrylic paint and one Tbsp. dishwashing liquid in a disposable container. Mix. With a foam brush, paint a thin coating of the mixture onto the non adhesive side of a 13 inch square of clear contact paper. When the coating is dry add two more coats, letting each layer dry thoroughly.

2 - Next, enlarge game templates onto cards stock and cut out. For free printable template go to OMG Customized printables can also be ordered from OMG

3 - Using a 1” puncher- cut out circles from the painted contact paper (or you can trace 1” circles and cut out)

4 - Game A: Write the letters נגהש in the correct order on as many cards as you would like to have winners. On the rest of your cards- randomly write the letters נגהש Peel the backing from painted circles and stick over letters.

Game B: Write the names of family members in the circles- try to include as many as possible. Each card should include different names. Peel the backing from painted circles and stick over circles.

Game A: How to play: Scratch off all circles. How to win: Player who’s נגהש is in the right order wins!

Game B: How to play: Appoint a caller who will call out prepared family facts one at a time.

*While preparing the list of facts try not to get too specific – try to keep questions  general- for example: a high school boy, an aunt, an uncle, someone who has at least one initial A-K, oldest in family, youngest in family…After each question or fact is called out, everyone scratches off one circle. Player who has the correct answer gets a check/ ticket.

How to win: player with the most ticket/checks wins!

*Ready  made scratch off stickers can also be purchased. 

This article by EstherO. originally appeared in Mishpacha Magazine.

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