Nun-Gimmel-Hey-Shin- you will be amazed how this dreidel can spin!

This is a great Chanukah activity that incorporates so many great skills- playing with food, science, math and fine motor skills.

Engineering is the creative use of science and math to design or make things.

Do you want to be a Dreidel Engineer? 

To take the candy-toothpick dreidel building challenge, start with the following items:


Soft candy such as Dots

21 colorful toothpicks 


Construct two squares, using four candies and four toothpicks for each square.

 Attach the two squares with four additional toothpicks to form a cube.

To construct top of dreidel, break four toothpicks down to ¾ of its original size, and form an “X” with a gumdrop at its center, then stick toothpick for spinning in the center and attach to the cube.

To create bottom of Dreidel , stick toothpicks into all four bottom gumdrops on an angle. Stick the opposite end all four toothpicks in a single gumdrop, creating a triangle.

(Tip: To make this activity challenging, distribute the 21 toothpicks and 10 gumdrops to each of the children (or adults), and see who can figure this Dreidel out without reading the directions.)

Have Fun!!

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  • Esther – my neighbor came home with this craft from school – she said they heard about it from you!!

    Miriam H

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