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Recently I was hired to coordinate a weekend Sheva Brachot. Some of my responsibilities included setting up an elaborate breakfast the morning after the wedding,the sweet table for Shabbat,party favors, and hostess gifts. My favorite task however, was to create a welcoming box for the many out of town guests. Working with my clients taste, I knew it had to be elegant, yet equally as important – simple. I began with  a nice, fresh towel , folded it to create a "pocket " and placed the weekend schedule in it. Keeping with the color scheme, I surrounded the towel with other practical items only, making sure it wasn’t overdone. Lastly, I placed the items into a neat box, and tied it with a pretty bow.




  • 10"x10" white gift box
  • 15"x30" white hand towel
  • Silver tissue paper
  • Voss water bottle(12.75 oz 375 ML)
  • Tins filled with nuts and mints
  • Hard plastic cup lined with a silver napkin
  • Mouthwash,matches and tea lights(these items were in the cup)
  • Weekend schedule
  • 3/8" and 7/8" gross grain ribbon

How to fold the towel :

1.Begin by folding over one end of the towel (approximately 7").



2.Fold over again (approximately 7").



3.Turn the folded towel over to the other side.Take the other end of the towel and make another fold (approximately 7").



4.Fold the towel in thirds.



5.Turn the towel over.You now have a "pocket".



6.Tie a ribbon around the towel.


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  • I love this!! Where did you get the boxes? And the gold tins? I’m having a hard time finding them within my budget. Thanks

    S Field

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