Apple Green Mishaloach Manot


For this Mishloach Manot think green! I designed this simple yet classy Mishloach Manot for a friend of mine, and the critics said it was rather ap”peal”ing”! Yes, when I say simple-I mean simple!!

You will need:

  • Three green apples
  • Green Apple flavor Smirnoff Ice
  • White  rectangular plate
  • Shrink wrap
  • Matching ribbon
  1. Place the apples and the Smirnoff on the plate.
  2. To shrink wrap, cut the shrink wrap so that it is a couple of inches larger than the plate(on all sides).
  3. Tape the ends of the  shrink wrap to the bottom of the plate.
  4. Use a blow dryer to shrink wrap the package to give it that clean and professional look.


  • No, it’s thicker than saran wrap.

  • Is that the same as glad cling wrap?

  • I used a roll of shrink wrap and cut it a couple of inches larger than the plate and taped it up under the plate.

  • what size shrink wrap did you use?

    Hindy brecher

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