Sefer Torah Franks 'n Blanks


I have been making this kids favorite “Torah Treat” for many years in honor of Shavuot. No matter  how exquisite the other dishes on the table, this has always been a Shavuot (and Simchat Torah of course) highlight for my children. Aside from delicious, they're simple enough for children of all ages to  make (yes… my seven year old daughter made the ones you see!).


  • Large Puff Pastry squares
  • Mini hot dogs
  1. Cut each square into 4 strips.


2. Place a hot dog at the ends of each strip and roll them towards the middle.



3. Place Torahs on parchment lined cookie sheet.



4.Bake according to puff pastry package directions.



I freeze them raw and bake them on Yom Tov.


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