Tefillin Bag Party Favor

I am posting this idea now due to the numerous requests I have been getting over the last few months for directions for these mini tefillin bag party favors. I featured this idea about ten years ago in Family First Mishpacha Magazine.

Shortly before my sons Bar Mitzvah, my sister-in-law asked me to send her a picture of his Tefillin bag to make a party favor with. The “mini Tefillin bags” she created, were really adorable and quite a hit . Try this simple idea  and use it to enhance a bar mitzvah on a sweet table or as memorable party favors.


  1. Reduce picture of tefillin bag to 1.5”x 1.5 “ and multipy as needed.
  2. Cut out the picture of the tefillin bags , place on top of the chocolate and then into the Ziploc bag.

As the bag is a little longer than the chocolate, fold under, and tape the bottom part of the bag.

Tip: I found that when I put the chocolate in the bag from the top, the Ziploc got dirty from the chocolate.  Therefore, I   prefer to slit the bottom of the Ziploc bag open and stick the chocolate in from the bottom. (Remember, this is not a problem as you are folding under the extra plastic of the bag, anyways.)

This article by EstherO. originally appeared in Mishpacha Magazine.

Photography by Todd Trice


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  • רוצה לשמוע עלויות

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    Alana Goldner Mutterperl
  • instead of mints, a mirror for those that wear tefillin to check the forehead placement is also a good idea in the “teffilin bag”. I’m sure they come in a cover that looks like a bag too.

  • Did you use an actual picture print of a color photocopy of the tefillin bag?

  • Thanks I will be making these. I found 2×2 bags on amazon
    that I will be using instead of needing to bend them under as I want to put Tefilin bags on each side as it is for twins and it will look neater this way. Thanks for the idea!


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