Hanukkah Gelt Necklaces


Gelt Necklaces-where style and tradition meet! Standing at the Paskez booth at Kosherfest last week, I noticed chocolate Chanukah Gelt in a variety of colorful wrappers. Always on the lookout for Chanukah party ideas, keepsakes, and crafts, I realized that there was potential for a great craft. Mimicking the Susan  B. Anthony necklace,  I found out that these colorful gelt coins, when paired with a matching chain, make an adorable necklace! They can be made very basic and simple with just string, or for a more detailed activity, you can  create the necklace chain as well, using Jump Rings. Along this concept,another fun idea is to make keychains for the boys.Either way everyone will walk away from your Chanukah party with sweet memories!


Choose one of the following for a chain: Directions:
  1. Spread the bail so that it fits over the chocolate coin.
  2. Pinch the bail onto the chocolate coin and thread the chain through the top of the bail.

If you are using the jump rings, simply connect the pieces and attach to the bail.



For an added touch, place the necklace in a small gift box.

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