Play it "Right" on Hannukah Night!

Here is a Hanukkah game that is sure to keep all players laughing and giggling. My sister came up with this idea a few years ago, and it is always a blast to play.I hope that you will enjoy this game as much as my family does.


Hannukah fun! Number of players: 2 or more Ages: 5-105 Supplies: One wrapped gift per player and this “right-left” story printed out

Game play:

Players sit around the table or in a circle on the floor, each holding a wrapped package. No peeking! The caller reads the right-left story slowly and clearly. Each time the word “right” is read, each player passes their package to the person on their right. When the word “left” is read, each package is passed to the left. Continue the story in this manner, passing the gifts back and forth. Young children will definately need the help of the adult cheering squad. Giggling adult players may also get confused. At the end of the story, each player opens and keeps the gift that they are holding.


Many years ago, the Greeks ruled over Israel. They made harsh decrees against the Jews; things were certainly not all right. They marched right into the Beit Hamikdash and left nothing alone. Right away they ruined everything; they even put a pig right on the Mizbe’ach. They tried to get the Jews to be just like them. Some Jews really left the Torah. But most Jews continued to do all the Mitzvot right. They left their homes and went right into the caves in the forest and learned Torah. (That was surely the right thing to do!)  When they heard the Greeks coming, they started to play dreidel. When the Greeks left, the Jews went right back to learning Torah. The Maccabim called Mi Lashem Eilai. Many Jews left their homes and got together to fight. They said, if we do the right thing and keep all the Mitzvot, Hashem will win the war for us (right away!). After the Jews won the war, they went right back to the Beit Hamikdash. They cleaned up the mess, but could not find the right oil. They looked high and low, to the right and to the left, and finally found there was a little oil left. So they lit the Menorah (it was the right thing to do!) and assumed it would last for only one day.However,the next day  they saw that the Menorah was still lit- there was still oil left for the next night and the next. (Alright!!!) To remember this miracle, we light the Menorah for eight nights. The Menorah stands at the window, or on the left side of the door with the Mezuzah on the right. On the first night, we light one candle on the right. The next night we light two candles going from left to right. There is nothing left for me to “right” so I will end this story right now!



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