Quick and Classy Mishloach Manos Ideas

There is no denying it, Purim is just around the corner!! If you haven't had the time to prepare your Mishloach Manot yet, don't despair!! There are plenty of easy, quick and classy Mishloach Manot you can put together in no time at all.

Here are some examples:

To create this elegant and easy Mishloach Manot, package two chocolate covered pretzels in a small cellophane bag. Punch a small hole in one of the top corners. Thread a ribbon through the hole and tie it to a pretty water bottle, bottle of wine....

For this classy and simple idea, I purchased a special wine bottle box filled with peanut chews at cococandy and simply slipped the hole of the box over the wine bottle.

To order cococandy peanut chews call 732-814-5078. (They have a gorgeous selection of platters as well.)

This is a Mishloach Manot that will take very little time to prepare and will really be appreciated!  Pass on the nosh in favor of some delicious dried fruits.  Place on white plastic square plates and artfully arrange as in the photo.  Cover will cellophane and tie with natural raffia.


  • I love the dried fruit mishloach manos! What size plate and bag is this using? Also where can the flowers be purchased?

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