Shlissel Challah

As we all get back into our normal post Passover routine (whatever that is!) there is an age old custom to make “Shlissel” (Key) Challah as a Segulah (omen) for livelihood.  This year, I added caramel coloring to part of my dough to give a new “twist” to this ancient Minhag.

What you will need:

  • 5 lbs challah dough
  • Caramel coloring (available in baking supply stores)
  • Keys (optional)

Directions for using caramel coloring:

Add 2 1/2 Tbsp caramel coloring to half of the challah dough. Mix well in a mixer until color is evenly distributed.


Here are some variations that I’ve done over the years:

1) Braid as usual and add an actual key. (I picked up these adorable decorative keys in Michaels)

Tip: If you are using an actual key, cover with silver foil for sanitary purposes.  


 2) Braid challah as usual, then add a key-shaped challah on top.  

3) Create the challah in the shape of a key.  Shabbat Shalom! For more recipes using caramel coloring check out the two-tone-bread-skewer


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