Sledding Snowman

The quiet beauty of winter. The snow so magically falls, the everyday hustle and bustle comes to a slippery halt, the children are busy making snowmen and sledding down the hills, and.... school is closed! With the children home from school (due to a snow storm or  mid-winter vacation) here's a winter themed activity that will entertain your  children  while bringing this beautiful scene indoors (without the wet boots and gloves!).

You will need:

  • 4 (Mann brand) chocolate covered wafers
  • 2 medium size marshmallows
  • Large Oreos and mini Oreos
  • 2 candy canes per snowman.
  • Melted baking chocolate to be used as the “glue”
    1. Using your melted chocolate “glue” 4 wafers together to form the base of the sled.
    2. “Glue” the candy sticks on. (See pic.)
    3. Allow to dry.
    4. Use a drop of melted chocolate to “glue” 2 marshmallows together for the snowman.
    5. Using your edible markers, decorate your snowman
    6. Create a hat by using a dab of chocolate to connect a mini sandwich cookie to half of a large sandwich cookie.
    7. Attach the hat to snowman using another dab of melted chocolate.
    8. Glue the snowman to the sled.

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