Purim Table Setup


As seen in Mishpacha Magazine- Photography by Leiba Bernstien


Setting a festive looking table for your Purim Seudah adds much excitement to this very joyous day. Delight your family and guests with this easy, charming and up to date set up.

Be creative using fur trim and faux leather, which come in a plethora of fun colors.

You can also experiment with sisal  to create that special look. I chanced upon this new material at one of my favorite florists, Autumn Creations. Though   normally used in floral centerpieces, I couldn’t resist using it here as a table runner.

With these fantastic  wine bottle lamp centerpieces, darling bow tie napkin and cute candy holders  you will surely enjoy fabulous results .

Wine Bottle Lamp:

You will need:

  • Wine bottle
  • Lampshade with interior frame (see picture-available at many discount stores)
  • Fur to trim the lampshade
  • 2” square piece of wood or corrugated cardboard
  • Strong glue such as e600, Gorilla Glue


  1. Decorate the lampshade with the fur (or any other  trimmings and notions).
  2. Glue the piece of corrugated cardboard  to the top of the wine bottle and then glue the center ring of the  lampshade to the wood/cardboard .

 Bowtie Placesetting:

You will need:


  1. Fold the napkin to form a fan.
  2. Wrap a piece of  washi tape around the center of the napkin .
  3. Place the bowtie and the wonder melts on the plate.

Candy Holders:

Use coordinating scrapbooking papers to make fortune tellers and fill with candy.



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