Har Sinai Cookies


This Shavuot you can create these beautiful Har Sinai Cookies to adorn your Yom Tov

table. These cookies may look impressive, but they are actually quite simple to create.


-Colored Fondant

-Small blossom plunger cutter

-Diamond Quilted Grid Fondant Cake Decorating Mat

-Torah shaped chocolate mold

-Sugar Cookie Dough of your choice


1. Cut out your cookies with the cookie cutter. Bake until done.

2. Roll out green colored fondant.

3. Press the diamond texture mat onto the fondant to create the textured effect.

4. Use the cookie cutter to cut out the fondant.

5. Attach the fondant to the cookie by moistening the back of the fondant with a bit

of water and pressing it gently on the cookie.

6. Using colored fondant and the small blossom plunger cutter to create mini flowers.

Moisten the backs and press them onto the green fondant.

7. Make the chocolate molds and place a Torah on top of each mountain.

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