Acrylic Donut Wall Display

Drum roll please….I’m really excited to introduce my latest creation to my followers.  In my line of work, dealing with food presentation and design, I oftentimes stumble upon a concept that’s just begging to be created.  The lack is jarring and the solution is obvious.  I’m referring to the major conundrum we all face around this time of year…


You know what I’m referring to.  We have to serve donuts at the Chanukah party, but after setting up the dessert buffet, the thought of sprinkles and icing melting into the tablecloth is just too horrible.  And you know how the donuts melt into each other if they’re stacked too close together and then the bottoms get covered with the tops of the one touching it, and then the kids start crying that their donut’s top is on someone else’s donut’s bottom. Sigh.  So here’s where the drumroll comes in.  I have designed the most amazing looking, superbly functional, fantastically practical Acrylic Donut Wall Display!

What is a Donut Wall Display you ask?

This unique piece, designed exclusively by Esther O designs, is the solution to displaying donuts without the icing or sprinkles messing up your table, it does double duty as a gorgeous backdrop for your event.  Each dowel can hold 2 donuts for a total of 50 donuts.  If that isn’t enough donuts for you, you can line up multiple donut displays for a whole backsplash of donut delights.  This eye catching concept creates what appears to be a wall of floating donuts, a vertical visual treat for the eyes (and mouth).  It’s so practical (not to mention financially savvy) to have your food double as the décor.

This piece is uber functional.  Don’t limit yourself to donuts…you can use the wall display all your around to hang bagels for your brunch, cookies or party favors for your birthday bash, grab bags with bag toppers.  Unleash your creativity, the options are as broad as your imagination.

The donut wall display will not be found at your local home-goods store or party supply store.  This unique piece has been designed and manufactured exclusively for Esther O and there are a limited amount of pieces available.  Order now to ensure availability for this Chanukah. (click here to be directed to product page)  

If you're an Amazon Shopper, then you can click here to purchase our product via our Amazon listing.


  • There is extra space at the top of the donut wall where you can apply lettering to personalize the event or celebration. If you would like to purchase the lettering, please click here.
  • The Lucite material is sleek and modern and will blend seamlessly into any décor.
  • The donut wall is also available in white.
  • 25 dowels are mounted 5 across by 5 high.
  • Minimal assembly – just screw display wall to base with screws provided
  • Two attached side wall for added stability


  • Base is 26” wide x 12” deep.
  • The donut wall is 34” tall x 26” wide. 
  • The 25 dowels are 5/8” diameter and 3” long

Donut Wall Display Side ViewAcrylic Wall Display Front View


  • I am interested in purchasing this, how do I purchase if no longer on Amazon? thanks

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  • How can this donut wall be purchased if it’s not available on amazon anymore?

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