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There are so many great packaging items that can conveniently be purchased on Amazon. You can check out our Food and Gift Packaging List here for lots of pretty, fun and exciting Mishloach Manos ideas.  

Beautiful packaging brings any Mishloach Manos together.

I will show you here, how you can actually use some of the products to create exciting Mishloach Manos. You can use the ideas the way you see them here or use them as a springboard for any Purim theme.

Bake Me a Cake

bake me a cake

You will need:

oven-shaped box 

 medium-size muffin (a large bakery muffin is too big to fit into the box)


Fresh Blueberries and Muffins


 bake me a cake

You will need:

Genuine Fred fresh-picked blueberry muffin baking cups 

 muffin recipe

  blueberries


Mailer Bag

mailer bag

Whether you are shipping or hand delivering your Mishloach Manos, pretty packaging tape with matching mailer bags is a simple way to elevate your Mishloach Manos. 

You can match the food to the colors on the packaging.


You will need:

cardboard mailing box

printed mailer bag and matching packaging tape


“Light It Up”

Wish your friends and family a de "light" ful Purim this year with this adorable Purim themed light bulb package.

light it up

You will need:

 2 plastic light bulbs

small mailer box

 label

 candy or nuts to fill the light bulbs


Frozen Delights

frozen treats

You will need:

ice cream containers filled with ice cream

 ice cream cones (I dipped these in chocolate)

small self seal or ziploc bags of sprinkles

 label


“You Mean the World to Me”

you mean the world to me

You will need:

globe-printed paper lunch bag 

Swiss chocolate, Australian licorice, Greek yogurt, tortilla chips, etc.

Note: Not all the items shown here will fit into the bag. Pick and choose sample foods from around the world to fill your package.




You will need:


Photography by Perretti Photography

This article originally appeared in Family First

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