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Here’s the perfect Mishloach Manos idea for those of us who never get "bored of babka"!

If you have the time to bake, babka is a great option for Mishloach Manos. It looks very substantial and special, is inexpensive and of course tastes delicious!!

This is my favorite go to recipe for chocolate babka.You can switch around the fillings to your liking.

I love the way the three mini chocolate bars serve as a second item in the Mishloach Manos in addition to serving as the flavor signs.


You will need:


  1. Wrap each chocolate in a wrapper.
  2. Using glue dots, attach the babka pans and the chocolates to the board.
  3. Shrink-wrap the package, and attach ribbon, bunny tails, and tag.


* I used 4–4½ ounces of dough per babka and baked them in easy-bake paper loaf pans from Amazon.


A Note on Shrink Wrapping

I used shrink wrap on a roll, purchased at Center of Town in Lakewood.(This shrink wrap looks similar to me, but I never tried it. If you decide to experiment, I would so appreciate if you let me know if it worked.)


  1. Measure the shrink wrap by placing the shrink wrap over the board, add a few inches on each side (so you can tape it underneath) and cut. The roll is doubled. I prefer to use one layer so it is not bulky, so I cut it apart by the fold. This will give you enough shrink-wrap for two packages.
  2. Place the shrink wrap over the board and tape it down from underneath.
  3. Using a blow dryer, carefully shrink the plastic until it’s tight. Be careful not to keep the heat in one area for too long, since that will melt the plastic and form holes.
  4. babka board

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