Three Cute Back to School Ideas

Fruit Tags

Summer is the most magical time of year for children.

School is out!

Long, lazy days filled with friends, pools, and adventurous fun. Yet, as it always is in life, all seasons must come to an end to make way for the next.

If we can make the transition from summer to the new school year exciting and worthy of celebration, we can send our children off on the right foot.

The possibilities of creativity are endless, but here are some ideas to help. 

Loose leaf Paper Snack Bags

Loose Leaf Paper Bags

 We can’t underestimate how  a simple, loving  hand written note from Mommy can make a difference in a child’s day. I couldn’t resist buying these precious loose leaf paper bags I picked up at



Snack Cones

Using decorating bags is a clever way to package your children’s  snacks . Fun to pack and fun to eat- you’ll have the crew begging for healthy snacks!!


12” cake decorating bags

Twine or baggy ties



Fruit Tag

Surprise your  children with cute message tags hanging from their fruits.

Alternately, you can use sticky labels or write directly on fruit peels. Can’t think of an easier or cheaper way to bring smiles to children and let them know how much you care….

 These are my favorite markers.


Photography by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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