Black and White Party


black and white party

black and white party

Chanukah the bright light in middle of the winter tunnel. As the cold settles in, and night falls so early, we tend to draw into ourselves and our cozy homes.  Chanukah can be a welcome oasis from the pressure of day-to-day life, a time to relax and celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, together with family and friends.

For young and old, Chanukah parties are the highlight of the season. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to host, you know that it can be daunting to create a menu that will be sure to please all of your guests. Creating a variety of bars  means that each person can have things just the way they like them! 

After figuring out the various toppings I was using and the sizes of the plates and bowls,I had the graphics team at Mishpacha create these sleek and modern printouts that I used on top of a simple white tablecloth. These printables  are available as free downloads.

The Table

Keeping with the sleek and modern look of the buffet tables of this party, we created these adorable placemats.

For large parties with people coming and going, I suggest setting up a table with all the cutlery, plates/bowls, napkins…..

I had the designer design a placemat to resemble a real place setting so that the table looks set.

Although I did not put down any real dishes down on the table, I wanted a glass that would really stand out. I went with a striking black glasses from Classic Touch, here many more options in glass and plastic.

I wanted a white tablecloth that was simple and not too busy, yet something that had some texture. I chose a white burlap fabric at Stitch N Sew of Lakewood. They sewed up the ends for me and made it into a beautiful tablecloth, here is a similar one.

black and white party

black and white party

Candle Clusters

I love setting a table with lots of candles and there’s no better time than Chanukah for that.

With safety being the number-one priority, please keep in mind the age of your party attendees and place your candles strategically. If you are setting up bars, as in this party, there is less passing food back and forth, so candles can be more easily used on the table. You can also have the candles lit at the beg of the party and blow them out if necessary.

For an added touch, I filled square vases with Kosher salt and stuck in candles in various heights.

Tip-After the party, save the salt for the next snow storm to avoid wasting the salt.

For the flowers, Devoiry of Daphne’s Petals set up just the right amount of flowers to add a special touch without overcrowding the table . Sometimes less is more!!  

The mini vases were purchased at the dollar tree. I purchased the black wire tea light holders at At Home and used them as stands for the vases.

Here are some other great black wire tea light holders.

Click Here for place setting directions.

black and white party




Photography by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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