Candy Har Sinai

One of the challenges of creating content for magazines is coming up with original and creative holiday ideas year after year. Every year, when it's time to think about Shavuos, I know that some kind of  Har Sinai Cake is always a must!

This year I decided to go with a Candy Har Sinai Cake.

Capture the sweetness of the Torah with this adorable Candy Har Sinai. Fun to prepare and guaranteed to keep the sweetness of the Yom Tov in the minds of your children, long after it is over.


You will need:



  1. Attach eight sour belts evenly to the top of the styrofoam ball (like an octopus). There will be about a 1” space in the center that will not be covered. The sour belts should reach the bottom of the Styrofoam.
  2. Fill the remaining spaces between the eight sour belts with more sour belts, overlapping slightly.
  3. You can use toothpicks or straight pins to attach the sour belts. If using straight pins, be very careful when serving. You will only need to attach the sour belts at the top.
  4. Use the fondant mold to form the flowers out of fondant.
  5. Use a bit of icing or chocolate to attach the chocolate lentil.
  6. Allow to dry.
  7. Attach the flowers to the mountain with toothpicks or a little chocolate.
  8. Attach the chocolate bars/luchos to the mountain using toothpicks.
  9. Fill any uncovered Styrofoam on top of the mountain with leaves cut from sour belts.

Photography by Chay Berger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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