Cinnamon Bun Plate Art

 apple cinnamon

More than the cinnamon buns and the ice cream scoops combo pictured here, this idea is here to train your brain to approach dessert prep in a creative  way.

You’ll be surprised how many “odds and ends” and miscellaneous dessert leftovers you can find in your freezer.

Put them to use! Use your creativity to mix and match and create beautifully presented last minute desserts.

The mini cinnamon buns were made in a disposable mini muffin pan without cupcake holders.

Top cinnamon buns with assorted icings and toppings.

Serve on a white rectangle or  square plate.

This is my favorite Cinnamon Bun recipe.

 apple cinnamon bun

Photography by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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