Donut Necklaces/Key Chains

 Donut Necklace

Bake up some fun with these adorable Donut Necklaces and Keychains, using  Washers and Nail Polish .

Great Chanukah Vacation Activity!!!

Recommended for ages 8+

 Donut Necklace

You will need:

Washers (also available at home improvement stores)

Nail Polish (also available at dollar stores)

Small beads, optional


Pony Beads

Clear fishing wire and key chain rings for the key chains


Directions for making the donuts:

  1. Cover your work area.
  2. Using the nail polish, paint the washers. Allow some  drying time between layers.
  3. Apply tiny beads while still wet. (optional)
  4. Allow to dry completely.

For the necklace:

  1. Determine the size of your string and make a slip knot through the washer.
  2. Tie the ends. For a finished look add two pony beads and then knot again.

For the key chain:

  1. Using a 15” piece of fishing wire, make a slip knot through the washer.
  2. Take the 2 ends of the string and thread a couple of pony beads on to it.
  3. Tie the 2 ends of the string on to the key ring tightly.
  4. Cut off remaining thread


Make sure nail polish is completely dry before wearing.

 Donut Necklace

Photography by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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