Flower Postcard Cookies

Flower Postcard Cookies

These cookies are so much fun to create.

With minimal work and supplies, your children will really enjoy designing their own original flower designs. If you'd prefer not to bake cookies,use graham crackers instead.

 Flower Postcard Cookies Supplies

You will need:

Sugar cookie dough

Large cookie cutter

White and green Fondant

Rainbow Twizzlers cut into small beads using kitchen shears


Roll out the cookie dough and cut using the cookie cutter.

Bake according to recipe directions. Allow to cool.

Using the same cookie cutter, cut out the fondant.

Stick the fondant to the cookie with a drop of water.

Use the twizzler beads and green fondant to design your cookies.

Use a drop of water as “glue” to stick decoration to the cookie.


Photography by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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