Hats On Mishloach Manos


 Are you ready for a super easy, adorable and sharp Mishlaoch Manos idea?

I'm going to show you how to dress up a wine bottle in an adorable costume.

Simple, neat, and to the point, these wine bottle boxes make a terrific addition to any bottle of wine,schnapps, or even water!

The wine bottle boxes  can be filled with so many different things- candy, nuts, chocolate, beef jerky, personalized cookies — you name it!

Top it off with fun mini hats for a funky Purim look.

I love the way this Mishloach Manos idea can be used at any price point, depending on which bottle you use and what you use to fill the box.

For the shreimel, I wrapped a bit of craft fur around the cap.

You can also purchase extra mini hats  to dress up your wine bottles at your Purim seudah!

Have Fun!!

You will need:

 bottle of wine, schnapps, water, etc. You can find many pretty water bottles here.

 wine bottle boxes 

mini hats 

 assorted candy or nuts, mini cookies, etc. There are many choices that can even be found on Amazon, depending on what you want to use.



  1. Fill wine bottle boxes with candy, nuts, or anything of your choice. Place over your bottle.
  2. Add a coordinating hat.



I couldn’t resist the “man with the yellow hat”! That particular hat came in a package of assorted colors, used here as an example of how to coordinate with a costume or use at your seudah.

If you are using these mini hat clips, just remove the clip.

 bottle mishloch manos

Photography by Perretti Photography

This article originally appeared in Family First

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