Baked Goods Mishloach Manos

bakery mishloach manos

There is something so homey and special about a homebaked Mishloach Manos.

There are so many great bakery boxes that will make your Mishloach Manos look professional and gourmet.

This house box is great box to fill with your freshly home baked items. It’s also adorable for greeting your new neighbors or welcoming someone home.

A bakery theme is easy to pull off, and works so well with matching bakers costumes for your little bakers!

The adorable chocolate rolling pin featured in this post, made by covering a chocolate bar, is a perfect Mishloach Manos to “round out” the theme.

A simple bakery bag tied with a bow can have a sharp  look too!

The mix-and-match color options for this simple and elegant idea are endless!

When sending home baked Mishloach Manos, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • make sure you have enough room to store your baked goods in the freezer, if you are baking in advance.
  • mark the baked goods Yoshon, Dairy, Parve, contains nuts... 
  • line the paper boxes with parchment to prevent grease stains.You can use regular parchment paper or any decorative wax paper.

Here are some great packaging ideas for a home baked Mishloach Manos. Of course these ideas can be used with store bought items as well.

"Home" made Mishloach Manos

 homemade mishloach manos


You will need:

 house box 


 label

Place your baked goods into the box. Tie with a ribbon and affix label.

Bakers Mishloach Manos

 bakery box mishloach manos

You will need:

 chocolate bar

toothpicks (you might want to trim them down to make them smaller)

 label wrapper for the chocolate

bakery box

 baked goods


glue dots


  1. Stick the dowels into either end of the chocolate bar.
  2. Wrap the chocolate in the label wrapper.
  3. Fill your bakery box with homemade or store-bought pastries and tie with the string. Glue the chocolate rolling pin on top.


The Bakery Bag Mishloach Manos

the bakery bag mishloach manos

You will need:

 bakery bag 


hole puncher



  1. Fold the bag over and punch two holes in the top. Thread a ribbon through and tie a bow.
  2. Apply label.


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