Majestic Two Tone Purim Seuda


With so many fun colored dishes and stemware to choose from, in both real and plastic, sometimes it’s just too hard to decide!

What better time than Purim is it to pick TWO colors?

Recently, an aquaintance of mine asked me if people copy our ideas exactly as shown in the photos. I answered her that what gives us most joy is not necessarily hearing that it was copied to the T, but rather that people adapted our idea to their own style, budget, time limits….

In a case like this, to one person that might mean buying two different color plastic tablecloths and paper goods, another person might like the way the carnations are bunched together in a vase, another person might want to buy herself a new fun set of stemware, and of course to many this is just what we call eye candy.


I would suggest picking dishes and colored stemware (you can also use plastic)  first. I chose the dishes and stemware from Godinger new Sheer collection. The stemware is available in a few colors. The cutlery is from Godinger as well.

I went with fuschia and blue, but you can use this concept with any colors.

 You will need:

Party Favor Boxes


Two Tone Party


  • Tablecloths and napkins

Stitch n Sew Fabric Centre



  • Flowers

Talis Global Flowers 


  • Table and Chair Rental

B & B Tent and Party Rental



Photography by Perretti Photography

This article originally appeared in Family First

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