Marshmallow Snowflake

Marshmallow Snowflake

There's nothing like the thrill of  a day off from school for children on a snowy winter day. 

Enhance the magic of the day by making these adorable marshmallow snowflakes to hang on a piping hot mug of hot cocoa

Enjoy creating warm and cozy memories  around your kitchen table!

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These motivational  or  snowman disposable hot cups would also be fun to use if you dont want to use real mugs.

You will need:


  1. Stick toothpicks around the large marshmallow.
  2. Stick two small marshmallow onto each toothpick and then stick each toothpick around the large marshmallow.
  3. Cut a slit in the large marshmallow and hang it over the mug.

This article originally appeared in Family First

Photo by Hudi Greenberger


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