Measure It Up Mishloach Manos

 measure it out

By the foot, by the yard — whichever length you choose, this Mishloach Manos will surely measure up! It is a fun Mishloach Manos to receive and equally as fun to make. You can make it as long or short as you would like it to be and fill it with candy, buts, chocolate..... 

I created these packages with a heat sealer and special tubing. A heat sealer is a really neat tool to use!

The sealer and the tubing cost about $30 each, but the tubing comes with over 2,000 feet, which will last a very long time! There are so many other ways to use this neat tube sealing method. The sealer can be used on cellophane bags as well.

You will need:

impulse heat sealer

2" poly tubing roll

salt water taffies, gummy candy, nuts, etc.

stapler and/or hot glue gun

ruler tape 

 graphics: 2x8-inch bag topper, folded in half 


  1. Apply the ruler tape to the empty tube.
  2. Using the heat sealer, seal one end of the tube. Begin filling the tube. (If you added spaces between some of the treats, as I did, you’ll need less candy  to fill the tube.)
  1. Once you finished filling the tube, staple the top of the tube to the back of the bag topper. Glue down the front of the bag topper using a glue gun. Alternately, you can just staple the topper down. (I prefer not having the staples visible in the front.)

 Important Note: Before using the sealer, practice! It heats the plastic very quickly, and the bag can melt easily.



This article originally appeared in Family First

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Photo by Perretti Photography


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