Mishloach Manos for the Ages

 mishloach manos for all ages

Many people prefer to give real food for mishloach manos. Dried meat is a really good option being that it can be packaged in advance. Featured here is a small box but you can really do any size box.

No matter the age, no matter the stage, dried meat is definitely the rage!

This mini charcuterie board is another dried meat mishloach manos option.


You will need:

kraft box   (The one I used here, is currently not availbale on Amazon. It is a 4x4x5-inch kraft string closure box. Any box can work.

mini stand-up pouches

 assorted aged meat

chalkboard labels and markers

 handwritten labels

 mini liquor bottle

  1. Fill your stand-up pouches with aged meat and place inside the box. Add a mini liquor bottle.
  2. Affix labels.

 mishloch manos for all ages


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