New Floral Centerpiece Idea

With Shavuos right around the corner, here's a never-before-seen centerpiece concept that is sooo fresh and floral!

As you may have noticed, I'm a huge acrylic fan.  I love the clear look, the sleek lines, the ability to conform to any decor.  My new acrylic centerpiece is a DIY diva's dream.  It's a blank canvas for your creativity - or you can copy the pictured idea (I won't tell anyone).

The centerpiece is 15" Wide x 25" High.  Not too large to be unwieldy, but large enough to make a statement.

The base provides a sturdy anchor to hold your centerpiece creation.  No assembly required, just slide it in.

The 13 holes on top is where the magic happens.  Using monofilament fishing line - tie the string to your bud vases and thread through the holes to create a fabulous, fresh, floating, floral centerpiece.

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  • Amazing!!

    Miri Gluck

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