Sheva Brachot/Brand Collaboration

Sheva Brachos

Collaboration is super powerful for  business owners, regardless of the industry you are in or the type of business you have. 

I recently styled and coordinated this party for

How to throw a stunning summer sheva brachot.

It was with the talent and services of many different vendors collaborating that helped make this party happen.

Collaborating for a photo shoot is a win-win opportunity.

You can be certain you will be getting a bigger bang for your buck than you would be if using only your own resources. Each vendors products were enhanced by the next vendor in the photos.

Please contact us if you would like to join us in future collaborations.

Sweet Table

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  • Great idea!! Hope it continues to work for you. Any pictures from the twins’ Bas-Mitzvah celebration? I’d love to see them. Don’t worry. I’ll keep it quiet, if you want me to.
    Thanks. Keep up your good work! You’re great!!!


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