Personalized Marshmallows

I was inspired to try personalizing marshmallows when I saw a bowl of printeded marshmallows made by Cookie and Crème, at a recent party I attended.

Personalized items make a party special. I thought that personalizing marshmallows was such a clever idea for an Upsherin or any occasion or holiday. The children love them and they are very inexpensive.

There are so many great rubber stamps available for personalizing marshmallows. (Note: The clear plastic ones will not work for this project.)

You can use pictures or an initial using alphabet stamps.

Personalized marshmallows can be used in so many ways:

Personalizing marshmallows can also be a fun party, camp or school activity.

(The marshmallows from Cookies and Creme are printed with an edible printer.  It is hard to do a full name on the marshmallows using stamps being that there is too much space between the letters. It can be done with a short name. Another idea would be to try having a custom stamp made. If you do this, I would suggest eeping the design very basic.)


You will need:

edible markers


rubber stamps


  1. Color the stamps with the edible markers. (Using the side of the tip will go faster.)
  2. Stamp the marshmallows.
  3. Allow to dry. 

The marshmallows printed in blue were made by Cookies and Crème. They can custom make any design, name or picture for you.

Cookies and Crème






Photography by Sina Mizrahi

This article originally appeared in Family First

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