Poke the Snowman

sushi snowman

poke snowman

Winter days can be long and boring for children of all ages. Teaching them to cook and bake is always fun and exciting.

Learning to make your own sushi is a great skill and will save  alot of money if you enjoy eating sushi. Last year, my children got really into making sushi and started coming up with all different types of sushi variations. Sushi makes a great meal and is always a crowd pleaser. You can make a variety of fillings to meet a range of tastes and dietary requirements. 

This sushi kit is a great starter kit for learning how to make sushi.

There are so many creative things to make out of sushi ingredients.

Have you ever seen a Sushi Snowman?

Building Poke the Snowman was so much fun to prepare. Our favorite part was the tuna scarf!!

This activity can be done on any level. Cook and prepare  the food yourselves or have your local sushi store  prepare the rice and toppings for you.

I love using a rice cooker when preparing my own sushi rice.


You will need:

  • large platter or cutting board
  • rice
  • sushi toppings (we used avacodo, kani,spiralized beets,mango,edamames, sweet potato tempura,cucmber, spralized carrots, fresh tuna for the scarf)
  • chop sticks
  • nori
  • carrot
  • wasabi 


  1. Form a small, medium and large round ball out of rice to create the snowman. You can use cookie cutters to help form the balls. Place on the platter or board.
  2. Arrange rice and toppings around the snowman as shown or create your own pattern.
  3. Break chop stick in half for snowman arms.
  4. Cut a hat shape out of the nori and place on snowman.
  5. Stick in the carrot nose.
  6. Make a mouth out of spiralized beets
  7. Place fresh tuna around neck to resemble a scarf.
  8. Roll wasabi into pea size balls for the buttons and place on snowman.

Thank you to That Sushi Spot in Lakewood  for preparing  the rice and toppings for this shoot.



This article originally appeared in Family First

Photo by Hudi Greenberger

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