Pressed Flower Plates

petal plates  

In honor of Shvuos, turn your plates or chargers into gorgeous floral artwork.

Make all the plates matching or keep each on unique; you can have them coordinate to  your flower arrangements.

Pressing flowers is an ancient form of art, preserving nature's beauty.

You can use this method to make beautiful crafts, cards and gorgeous wall décor as well; it's a fun and exciting project for all ages.


You will need:

Flower petal and leaves (flatter petals work best)

Clear plastic plates/ chargers or thin glass plates (2 per project)



Use the petals and leaf to make a design

Place a second plate on top.

To reuse the plates you can either use a third plate on top or carefully remove the top plate and replace with a fresh plate. If you are using the idea using  plastic chargers you will not need to do this.


Photography by Hudi Greenberger

This article originally appeared in Family First

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