Purim Products Roundup - Costumes and Accessories

 Soda Can Holder Cap Clown Ties Cork Bow Tie Cupcake Costume
Knitted Beard Hat Gorilla Costume Gear Top Hat Eye Chart Tie
LED Bow Tie Knitted Octopus Mask Plush Costume Hat Wine Socks

I know I usually write about craft ideas or party decor - but now that Purim is getting closer and I have my mishloach manos ready to roll, I wanted to write about costumes.

We are what we wear.  Dressing in a certain style or mode puts us in that frame of mind.  Stay in pj's all day and you won't get too much work done.  Put on your power suit and you will find yourself accomplishing that much more.  When it comes to Purim, the kids are dressed from head to toe - and reveling in the craziness that costumes lends to the day.

As adults, we tend to be a bit more conservative with our costumes.  An odd tie or daring pair of socks, can give us the same "high" that our children experience in their full regalia.

Whichever way you lean towards in your dress-up decisions - enjoy the festivities!

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