Purim Products Roundup - Packaging Ideas

White Gift Box Magnetic Gift Box Translucent Bags with Stickers Mini Pizza Box​ ​​
Candy Box Bakery Box with Window Clear Cupcake Box Zip Lock Mason Jar Bags
Kraft Gift Box Jumbo Cookie Box Purim Theme Box Macaroon Box

Welcome to my First Installment of Purim Products Roundup.

Over the years we've had a lot of fun together creating all kinds of Mishloach Manos. We've had the elaborate years, when Purim was a focus and we spent time and money and effort making sure everything was just perfect.

Then we had those other kind of years, when so much was going on that all of a sudden it was Purim and we had to come up with something presentable - and fast!

Over the next few weeks leading up to Purim, I'm going to give you some quick links to Purim ideas.  Some concepts I've shared with you in the past, and some are new ones that might be just what you are looking for - to add some pizzazz to your Mishloach Manos or Purim Tablescape.

We're gonna start the roundup with Purim Packaging Ideas.  Do you hate those stores teeming with people all vying for the last 30 boxes that you had your eye on? I admit that I revel in the ease of online ordering. With everything else that us busy women have to take care of, let's make this task a bit easier.

Click any of the images above to link directly to the product page on Amazon.

Some Points:

  • The square flat bakery box with the round window looks adorable with a jumbo chocolate chip cookie inside.
  • The mini pizza box if a fabulous idea to hold a cookie decorated like a pizza.
  • The colorful box with the Persian looking images can be used with a custom label in the middle to cover the existing logo.

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