Red Velvet Mishloach Manos

red velvet mishloach manos

 red velvet bag


Being that the Purim story speaks so much about kings and queens and the royal palace,I thought it would be a creative  idea to tie in red velvet biscotti with the theme of royalty for Mishloach Manos.

The rich and luxurious connotation of red velvet can  be associated with royalty, making it a special  addition to a Mishloach Manos.

When incorporating the red velvet biscotti into this Mishloach Manos, I packaged  them in a regal and decorative way to go along with the theme. There is something so rich looking to these red velvet bags and ribbon and to the wax seal, which gives it a final touch.

Enjoy this Red Velvet Mishloach Manos, a sure “stamp” of royalty!

You will need:


red velvet bags 

red velvet ribbon

wax seals 

 red velvet biscotti (see note)

 red peanuts, red jelly beans, or licorice.....

 box (I used a 9x4½x2-inch box from B and B) You can really use any box.

vellum paper


  1. Fill the bags with biscotti and peanuts...
  2. Attach the wax seals to the bags.
  3. Line the box with vellum paper.
  4. Place red velvet bags in the box.
  5. Seal the box with a flat bow and a seal in the center.


    Note: For the red velvet biscotti, just add red food coloring to any chocolate biscotti recipe.


    Photography by Perretti Photography

    This article originally appeared in Family First

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